My politics have run their course

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything for this website, primarily because I have been largely disconnected from politics and, honestly, intellectual development as a whole throughout this year, focusing instead on more urgent spiritual and material matters. Given the inactivity, both in terms of new posts as well as responses to old ones, I might not renew the website hosting in August, although I have yet to solidify that decision. Nevertheless, if there’s anything on this website worthy of note to you, I suggest you archive it.

I’m certainly not the only one uninterested in cultivating a fringe website. Jim’s blog, although as insightful as ever, has seen large intervals between posts recently. Nick Land’s website was mysteriously wiped out some time ago and, rather than wasting his time putting it back together, he simply followed in on Moldbug’s footsteps and started a Substack (as have countless others in the past year).

While I have no insight nor interest in the will of other ideologues, I can reason my own disinterest and inactivity. Aside from the aforementioned shift in my personal goals and motivations, politics is simply not nearly as entertaining as it used to be now that Trump is out and the unceasing march of globalism no longer pretends to face opposition.

I understand that politics have grave implications, but once you’ve figured out all the answers and any rightful objections are trifling details, there simply is no point in repeatedly casting pearls before the swine, hoping they choke and die. In fact, praying would be an infinitely better use of my time than writing this very article, and of yours than reading it.

Perhaps the only pressing issue pertaining to politics in my current life is the constant push for vaccination. The propaganda has already completely dominated my relatives and acquaintances, leaving me with no other option but to express an increasingly extreme resolution to avoid it.

I’m convinced that everyone with the intellectual capacity and spiritual predisposition to break away from the program and take on the burden of dissent has already done so or, if not, can do so through the information we’ve provided up to this point. From now on, the focus should be on direct improvement (which begins with self-improvement, but must extend to all whom are directly involved with oneself). Finding a wife, starting a family. Finding real friends, starting a clan. The purpose of life is unaltered by adverse scenarios.

And there it is, my long-overdue note about the uncertain future of this website with a few thoughts sprinkled in. Don’t expect anything new from me on here, unless something truly worthy of addressment occurs. Still, if you’d simply like to talk, I remain active on my Twitter account (for at least as long as it remains unsuspended) as well as my Discord server, both of which can be found here.


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