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As some of you might know, this website sprung out of a generous donation by a friend of mine after my previous, gratuitously hosted blog was taken down. It does, however, still have a yearly upkeep cost, and while it isn’t high, the dollar exchange rates for my currency surely are, which would make it quite painful coming directly out of my pocket (especially at times like these, in which my earnings have been going almost exclusively towards my family).

If you appreciate my writings, or would simply like to help prop up yet another voice of dissent, donations are greatly appreciated and will be directed exclusively towards the upkeep and expansion of this website. The best way to donate is directly to my ETH wallet, but you may also message me if you’d like to discuss an alternative method (check the About page for the best ways to contact me).

ETH wallet: 0x772721E0eF99D649a77c2367B65E9345A6DD66C4

A preemptive thanks to all whom may consider donating, as well as those who frequent and share the blog.


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