On the New Presidency and Capitol protests of January 6th

There’s very little I can say about what happened on January 6th that hasn’t already been said. I would, however, like to make my stance on the topic known, especially now that the smoke is clearing.

The System has made it clear what the events mean for them: the media calls it a White Supremacist insurrection and the neocons call it an Antifa false-flag, which makes it abundantly clear it was neither. What I would like to discuss, however, is what this means for Trump and the dissident Right.

Beforehand, I would like to admit to being wrong on my predictions regarding the outcome of the election. I firmly believed Trump’s reelection was in the System’s best interest, simply due to his presence in the oval office providing endless ammunition to their propaganda arm, fueling their relentless divide and conquer approach. While my reasoning isn’t wrong, I severely underestimated the System’s ambitions. The second half of 2020 saw the widespread marketing of The Great Reset (which is ongoing), focusing especially on the COVID-19 vaccine and its sociopolitical implications (here’s a great article on the subject), utilizing the pandemic to further global totalitarianism at an unprecedented rate.

With Biden (or Harris) in office and a majority in both Senate and Congress, America’s near-future is looking grim. The new presidency has made it abundantly clear that it will stand by the side of science, which we all know means they will take direct orders from the academic branch of the System (the “experts” we keep hearing about), de facto replacing the democratic mask hiding its oligarchs for a technocratic one. Expect further centralization of both the private and public spheres. Enforced digital IDs and currency, compulsory vaccination, implants, and widespread surveillance are all on the horizon.

Now onto the hot topic at hand: what do the Capitol protests mean for Trump? Honestly, not much. They’re trying to impeach him again, but with just over a week left in office, it’s essentially an attempt at ritualistic humiliation, or perhaps akin to public executions. The movement, however, lives on.

So, what does this mean for the dissident Right? Those who have compared the events of January 6th to an insurrection or revolution are mistaken (patience!), thus criticizing its lack of organization contributes nothing of value. I see it as a net positive. Of course, it’s going to be used against us, but it’s not like the Left halts their offense once they run out of excuses. The sheer energy brought out by these protests is unlike anything I’ve seen in a long time. Actions inspire infinitely more than blog posts such as this one. Violence revitalizes the warrior spirit, as does the sight of weakling politicians cowering in fear.

Our civilization is being bent completely out of shape. I hope for it to shatter as soon as possible, so that we may rebuild anew.


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