On anti-Semitic Jew sympathizers

It’s been a while since I’ve had anything of substance to write about, but after coming across a “White-nationalist” article that literally read like a Buzzfeed piece aside from the sole fact that it mentioned “Jews” a whopping 19 times, I figured I should write about something I’ve been seeing a lot among the so-called far right since at least 2016, but especially this year: anti-Semitic Jew sympathizers.

So, what exactly does that mean? Well, by 2020, your definition of friend and foe has become far more important to pinpointing your position on the (colloquial) left-right spectrum than your actual moral, political and philosophical values. Evidently, hostility towards the Jewish people is the quickest way to get yourself on the furthest-right end of that.

While said hostility towards Jews (and especially their collective power and overrepresentation) is not unawarded, many White nationalists have taken a singularizing and obsessive stance against them. They will refuse to accept any existing thing even remotely associated with Jews as beneficial to the White cause while defaulting that anything the Jews do for themselves must be inherently good. If you claim otherwise, either by stating that one specific Jew or Jewish creation is not evil or even acknowledging the participation of non-Jews in the System, they will crack down and target you as a Zionist. This loathing practically turns around into fascination.

In the process, these self-proclaimed White nationalists have bought into many of the System’s ideological talking points (a lot of which are echoed or were straight up crafted by Jewish-run organizations). A few examples would be UBI, single-payer healthcare and student loan forgiveness. These are all mainstream liberal talking points, yet they find themselves being echoed by the so-called far-right, whose only dissent is their preference for Whites. Even leftist anti-colonial critical theory and ethnopluralism have become commonplace among some of these movements.

I could thoroughly explain how these aforementioned policies would be more systemically degenerative than gay marriage or pornography, but those answers have been out there for decades and the System just swiped them under the rug.

Instinctively (and instincts are something one must rely on more often when all of society’s main sources of information have been subverted), one should reject most (not to say all) of the ideas and policies being propagated or enforced by the entire actual ruling oligarchy rather than singling out one of its primary ethnic demographics. Even policies with seemingly good outcomes, but that would strengthen our enemies’ grip on power, should be denounced (I’m looking at you pro-lockdown “dissidents”).

Ironically, by taking the stance that everything perpetrated by Jews in benefit of other Jews must be inherently good, one admits them to be more politically proficient. I know this doesn’t happen to that extent, but it’s surely headed that way.


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