October and November Roundup

It’s been about 2 months since my last post so I’ve decided to write up on recent developments and hints of ideas since I haven’t been particularly inspired for political thinking lately.

The last 2 months have not been particularly exciting, perhaps aside from the US General Election (which I will get into later). The new normal is still in full effect and the Great Reset is knocking on the door. Normies have co-opted bedroom dwelling and work goes on normally for sane people.

If you’ve ever wondered what it feels like to be surrounded by millennial academics and upper-middle-class liberal arts students, I can personally testify that once you learn to treat it like a puppet freak show (for the sake of your own sanity), you get to experience state of the art cringe without any long term side-effects. Most recently, they’ve been bragging about not leaving their houses and how it makes them so much more humble and responsible than people who want a cold beer after a long work week.

Just yesterday I was assuaged by hearing that I need not fear heavily-propagandized vaccines developed by foreign and hostile regimes because we have safety regulations concerning them. Now Bloomberg is tweeting about how ethnic minorities should be vaccinated first because they’re more vulnerable “largely because of higher rates of poverty” (yeah, sure), so I guess I’m safe for now.

If you’re making plans for Christmas, bear in mind that the media’s chambered the “second deadly wave” of the Chinese cringe AIDS, not because of the virus (I’ve been trying to get it for months with no success, I could really use two weeks off work), but because of the possible annoyances that might be reinforced because of it.

About the election, Trump clearly won (at least in the Democrat-Republican electoral fantasy world). Whether or not he will be declared the victor is an entirely different matter. In July I wrote an article predicting his victory, and I stand by it. I knew a 2nd Trump term would allow the System to further their agenda more than a DNC government, since the president has no real power and is such an easy target for the media (this, most importantly, extends to his supporters).

Furthermore, the fraud scandal has ensured that whoever is declared victor will be seen as illegitimate by his opponent’s supporters, and I didn’t foresee just how much spicier that would make things. Either way, the fire rises.

Anyways, excuse the informal and unpolished nature of this post. I am thinking about what to do about the lack of activity here. It’s not that I don’t want to write, it’s that I haven’t had the time or inspiration to. If you have any suggestions of topics you would like me to write about feel free to comment or contact me on Twitter/Discord.


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