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I wanted to take a short break from writing TCOT so I’ve decided to take the opportunity to talk about the dissident right’s next best flop. Some of the content in this post was already featured in a short Twitter thread I did a few days ago, but I thought the topic was worthy of elaboration.

The National Justice Party

The National Justice Party (NJP) is a new American “pro-White” political party led by Mike Enoch, known for the blog “The Right Stuff” and “The Daily Shoah” podcast. Before stating any of that, Wikipedia describes him as a “neo-Nazi” and “anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist”, which I’m sure half of his supporters would contest while the other half applauds.

(Wikipedia also makes sure to mention that his wife is Jewish and his surname is Serb, as well as having the SPLC as the very first link in the “References” section – most entertaining stuff. But I digress…)

I’m not really going to talk that much about the NJP itself, primarily because their agenda is in no way innovative and I find their platform woefully uninteresting. But here’s a picture of a pamphlet by them that should give you the gist of it.

Instead, I want to focus on why I think the party will fail miserably and what it represents for the dissident right.

A New Low

I have never been a fan of the third-position and the alt-right’s populism (among numerous other things). Dissent is, by definition, unpopular. Vague slogans such as “capitalism and communism are two sides of the same coin” or “the economy should serve the people, not the other way around” don’t really achieve anything when the opinions of the masses are manufactured by separate mechanisms. No volume of words muttered by a populist speaker will come close to amounting to the material propagated by the System’s vocal outlets (i.e. the media, the academics and think-tanks, the non-governmental mobs, etc.).

In a sad attempt to fight it, the populist paints himself as a moderate, giving up on some of his principles in order to reach a greater audience: the “White Nationalist” suddenly becomes the “Alt-Righter” or “Paleoconservative”, who will emphasize being ‘different enough’ from a mainstream conservative. This, of course, doesn’t work. The Washington Post will write 50 different articles about how much you and Hitler have in common, while Ben Shapiro quote-mines your content and frames you as an anti-Semite and the totally unorganized Antifa Twitter pages coordinate sweeps of the web for your personal information.

But giving up isn’t a choice, is it? “We’re just being too extreme. We need to pander to the breadwinner and the homemaker, surely, they will listen to us!” And that is how we arrive at the ignominious apex of ideological prostitution that is founding a political party, capitulating to that which I insouciantly describe as the worst conceivable method of political organization: democracy.

The Mistake

Worse than its effectiveness and moral integrity (or lack thereof) are only the fundamental misconceptions about the nature of the System that lead to them. To put it bluntly, anyone who believes sufficient change can be achieved through legal political means is a part of the problem.

The mindset that existing political bodies are not inherently designed against us, but merely occupied by hostile agents, is inherently flawed. The System is enrooted deeply into both the private and public spheres, with its degree of influence depending on how centralized its branches are. Corporate monopolies in the form of multinational conglomerates allow the System to dictate what’s available on your local grocery store’s shelves, but political hegemony through a pseudo-competitive party system allows them to dictate what does and doesn’t warrant you a prison sentence. Believing that the state is somehow a mere victim of corporate oppression is laughable, as its representatives have been in bed with international finance for well over a century, willingly.

The Libertarian Party is also a pretty good example of the System’s concreteness. Their agenda collides less with the two-party platform than the NJP’s, yet they are (and have always been) a complete failure. If you dissent too much you will be demonized, if you don’t dissent enough you will be ignored.

Even if winning a presidential election were possible for a dissident party such as the NJP, nothing of value would be achieved. Hell, even neocons are ‘too conservative’ for the System, the unimpressiveness of Trump’s presidency wasn’t entirely a product of his incompetence.

A Poorly Delivered Message

My only grudge against the NJP comes from them forcing me to agree with Richard Spencer.

I understand that most supporters likely view the NJP as a means to get the word out rather than achieving immediate political victories. I do not, however, see how being a legitimate political party is helpful in any way. After the organization is slandered and all of its members are targeted by mobs and doxing, who will want to support it? Surely not the breadwinner and the homemaker.

I will grant the people involved the benefit of the doubt when it comes to their intentions surrounding this project. I admit I am hardly familiar with Mike Enoch and his platform, but I don’t think that matters. I would be saying the same thing if any of my favorite ideologues engaged in something similar. In fact, their unwillingness to even consider such is definitely a contributing factor to my positive opinion of them.

I’m eager to see just how long this enthusiasm will last for. As I see it, this party will be as meaningful to the pro-White cause as words written in water.


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