China: Far from an Ally

Chinese anti-American poster (notice the emphasis on diversity)

2020 was supposed to be the year that put every person still capable of critical thought against China. Instead, we have seen a rise in support for the Chinese communist regime among the Alt-Right and even Neoreactionary circles. As I cannot fathom such a gargantuan mistake, which by the day seems more and more like disingenuous pandering or even flat-out subversion, I am finally going to address it.

Here’s a short excerpt from Spandrell’s latest article, in which he endorses the Chinese occupation of Taiwan:

“I am against Taiwan independence because I want China to be strong, because I believe the decline of civilization that this blog has been discussing for 9 years now is caused by American power. I want the American empire to be weak, so I want competitors to be strong, and China needs, absolutely needs Taiwan to be secure in its sovereignty.”

I believe this statement fully encompasses the reasoning behind the far-right’s recent sympathy towards China. In order to debunk it, we must first understand what Spandrell means by “American power.”


To put it bluntly, American power (or Americanism) is a myth. What is referred to as Americanism is actually the sociopolitical principles imposed on the West by the Global System, which can be summarized as:

  1. Liberal democracy and its variants
  2. Social progressivism or “liberalism”

Needless to say, these are not exclusive to the United States. Almost all of Europe as well as other major Western powers such as Canada and Brazil are subject to these same principles, which are openly endorsed (and often enforced) by the likes of the European Union, United Nations, Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, etc. To call it “American Power” dishonestly ignores the global nature of the System.

Either way, that this is the West’s biggest threat. I agree. However, we mustn’t desperately cling onto any other seemingly unaffected regime. So, before we get into why China is bad, let’s talk about how they’re actually a part of the System too.

The Far-East Policeman

Following the aftermath of the Second World War, the United Nations was officially formed and with it came Franklin D. Roosevelt’s “Four Policemen” concept, which suggested the United States, the United Kingdom, the Soviet Union and (you guessed it) China would be responsible for guaranteeing world peace.

China would be responsible for securing East Asia and the Western Pacific, the original idea would require all other nations to be all but completely demilitarized. The establishment of the Communist regime was absolutely orchestrated by the System and you need not hear it from me. Thuletide puts it better than I could here:

“The founding of the Communist People’s Republic of China also had significant influence from international finance cartels, who had by that point established the World Bank and IMF to use as a front. A few notable international finance agents tasked with assisting the rise of Communist China include Harry Dexter White (a major architect of the IMF and World Bank and a US Treasury Department official who worked closely with Henry Morgenthau), Virginius Frank Coe (Secretary of the IMF, consultant of the US Treasury Department, advisor to the head of Federal Security Agency, and a technical advisor at the UN’s Bretton Woods conference), Solomon Adler (a US Treasury Department economist and US Treasury representative to China). These men greatly assisted the Communist Party’s rise to power by doing things such as preventing bail-out loans to the nationalist forces in China, intentionally causing hyperinflation that destroyed the Chinese middle class, the nationalists’ primary base of support.”

Our favorite culprits were also greatly involved, so to claim China is a bastion of anti-Zionism is laughable.

The Pandemic

The next best thing to talk about is this year’s personal elephant in the room: the COVID-19 pandemic. If China being the source of the outbreak wasn’t enough to make you skeptical of them, perhaps you should be reminded of how the lied to the West about it for as long as they could, all with the help of their puppet and suspected criminal-against-humanity at the head of the WHO.

But don’t worry, China made up for their lying by profiting off of the pandemic by selling us hundreds of thousands of masks and test kits, except most of it didn’t even work.

Further reading:

The Real Communism

China is a Communist country. No, not “state capitalism” or “corporatism”. Communism. Allow me to once more refer to Thuletide. He writes:

“You could, of course, argue that this is “not real Communism”, and that Communism is about workers owning the means of production. And you’d be “technically correct.” But that isn’t how Communism works in reality. It’s literally never been implemented that way and it never will be. Communism is when a small gang of rootless cosmopolitans trick workers into killing the elites of their own race or ethnic group, and replacing them with the rootless cosmopolitans, who are of a foreign ethnic group. It’s basically a sneaky way to demographically replace the elite of a population. Which is why Communism has always been supported by international finance.”

If you disagree with that, playing in traffic would be a better use of your time than continuing to read this article.

Nonetheless, even politically speaking, China is not based. Not remotely. Egalitarianism is deeply rooted in Chinese culture and the CCP makes great used of their extensive state apparatus to enforce that through economic planning and wealth redistribution (see). When it comes to social issues, their lack of pride parades does not make up for their egalitarianism either: China’s education system has been referred to as a great vehicle of socialization toward gender egalitarianism and sexual freedom (see).

Anyways, in case there are still any market-friendly sinophiles out there, I should probably mention the basic fact that private land ownership does not even exist there.

Culture and Ethnicity

Race and culture are among the highest of priorities within any far-right movement in the West. As a Western Neoreactionary, I am no different. In order to talk about race and culture in Communist China you must first be introduced to the concept of Zhonghua minzu, a key political term in modern Chinese nation-building:

Resurrected after Mao Zedong’s death, the concept is used by the CCP to group China’s 56 ethnicities into one large group (thus being a blatantly race-denialist concept) whose ethnic origins lie with Yan and Huang Emperor, both of which are figures from ancient Chinese folklore. This, of course, greatly helps the regime’s consolidation of power throughout its vast and diverse territory. Race-denialism and cosmopolitanism have always been key features of Communism. For additional sources and information on the topic, you should check out this paper.

For this and many more reasons, it is especially puzzling to see that people on the right see “Americanism” as a threat to Chinese and Taiwanese culture, but not Chinese Communism (see).

We also have no reason to worry about their neo-imperialist endeavors in Africa (see also), at least they’re not racist.

Needless to say, China is also directly opposed to Western cultures. It is well known that Christians have been forced to denounce their faith, bibles have been burned and churches have been closed by the communist regime (see). Christians are always among the greatest enemies of Communism, having also been one of the most persecuted groups in the Soviet Union. Given that Christianity is an unquestionable pillar of European tradition, one cannot call himself a traditionalist and support such regimes.

Further reading: and


To those of you who care about environmentalism, I bet you already know everything I’m about to point out. Africa and Asia contribute the most to global pollution and overpopulation, and China is among the greatest culprits.

To those of you who don’t care, know that this also affects us Westerners, as we import a lot from China, and the consequences show (see).

A Foreign Power

China is a foreign power. They are currently waging an economic war against the entire West. They are buying (and even seizing) land in our nations and flooding us with drugs and migrants. They are not nearly as far away as they may seem:

“China has become the largest foreign buyer of U.S. residential real estate In 2014, China supplanted Canada as the source of the largest share of foreign buyers of U.S. residential real estate, according to data from the National Association of Realtors. In 2018 dollars, Chinese buyers accounted for roughly 25% of total foreign investment in U.S. residential real estate. Canada was No. 2 at 9%. Of the 284,000 properties sold to foreign buyers last year, some 40,400, or 15%, were bought by Chinese nationals. Five years earlier, Chinese nationals had purchased 23,075 homes, representing just 12% of all properties sold to foreign buyers.”

If you choose to support China simply because they’re not explicitly Zionist (we’ve already covered that, but here are some more reasons as to why that’s bullshit, if you needed them) under the banner of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”, you are simply an idiot.

Out-group fetishism is plaguing the right and should not be tolerated in any way, shape or form. The most important political matter is the Friend-Enemy distinction. If you cannot properly discern friend from foe, your cause is doomed and your nation will be destroyed.



Sinophilia is complete and utter nonsense. If you are sympathetic to the Chinese communist regime you have no right to call yourself pro-White or even right-wing. Sure, the System occupying our homelands is working towards our total elimination and the erasure of our cultural and historical heritage, but rest assured that if the chinks had it their way, the same would happen, perhaps even more quickly.

PS: Excuse this article’s lack of polish. My schedule is full again and I likely won’t be posting as often, but I absolutely needed to address this issue in order to get it out of my head. Feel free to refer to this anytime you see someone simping for China.

I would also note that this is not a direct response to Spandrell, the aforementioned blog post was simply what motivated me to put this together.

Special thanks to Thuletide (again) and Mage for a lot of the material featured on here.


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