The Upbringing of Ideas and the Extrapolation of Capitalism

Civilization is not driven by spontaneity. Concepts are created based on that which exists in the world, as well as that which has already been created previously. With every new concept springing from at least two pre-existing ideas, all creation is fundamentally unoriginal.

The upbringing of abstractions is what determines their originality (and, consequentially, their potential) in practicality. The further a concept distances itself from its ‘parent’ concepts, the more potential it has – for both success and failure. The process through which that happens is their upbringing. Once an abstraction is distinct enough from those it was based on to be acknowledged as its own idea, it becomes immediately vulnerable to influence from other existing ideas, which may contribute to its expansion, but also potentially corrupt and extrapolate it. This causes ideas to grow increasingly disconnected to their original ‘parents’.

Once an idea has evolved past the need to acknowledge the role of its parents in its inception and upbringing, it becomes susceptible to rejecting its own core principles and thus ceasing to be an idea, turning into a tool. The subversion of ideas is more often than not done with the intent of controlling or destroying those who subscribe to them, and the only means of preventing that is ensuring it never grows disconnected from its roots.

Such extrapolation is precisely what has happened to Capitalism (primarily through democracy), and what Neoreaction must seek to repair. The established trichotomy of Theonomists, Ethnicist-Nationalists and Techno-Commercialists within the ‘movement’ is often treated as horizontal and equilateral when, in reality, the Capitalism of tomorrow is dependent on the restoration of traditional cultural values defended by the Theonomists as well as the assurance and maintenance of ethnic hegemony sought by Ethnicist-Nationalists, just as all triangles have a base, with two of its vertices grounded while the third one points upwards.

Race and culture lie at the core of every civilization, being the forefathers of every creation brought about by it. Capitalism (i.e. private property and unrestricted market exchange) as well as individual liberties are among the greatest concepts established and diffused by Europeans. Their decentralized nature makes it evident that their demise is preceded by the rejection of the principles they were founded upon.

With attacks on our race and culture being more frequent and perceptible than on our economic freedom, it is expected that the majority of the right is focused on such matters and thus ignorant of economics. Those who understand the importance of markets have naturally rejected most explicitly traditionalist and pro-White movements due to the corporatist or even socialistic nature of their economic policies, becoming instead attracted to libertarian and anarcho-capitalist movements which have been all but entirely subverted by egalitarian philosophy.

What is perhaps most important to get across is that each vertex of the trichotomy plays a key part in Neoreaction, they are not – or at least should not be – opposed, but rather supportive of one another. Given cultural traditionalism and ethnic homogeneity are assured, Capitalism may then take up its role as the spearhead driving civilization towards progress. For any of this to be achievable at all, the removal of those who are opposed to traditionalism and Whiteness is paramount.


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