The Matricide Laboratory

“Modernity invented the future, but that’s all over. In the current version ‘progressive history’ camouflages phylogenetic death-drive tactics, Kali-wave: logistically accelerating condensation of virtual species extinction. Welcome to the matricide laboratory.”

“No Future” (1995), in Fanged Noumena, p. 392, Nick Land

With the Corona-crisis well underway and serving as a catalyst for The System’s next step towards global consolidation of power, there are many who still claim Western civilization and/or White people is their number one priority yet are still flirting with China, Communism and the third-world as a whole; primarily because they don’t have Zionist and multicultural propaganda, pride parades and other staples of Western progressivism.

Clearly (and perhaps willfully), they ignore the middle word in “New World Order”. Liberalism is not the endgame of the System; it is merely a tool used to undermine the West. That does not however mean that countries that don’t celebrate Pride Month are not under the System’s control: Communist China and the Soviet Union were puppets since their very inception, just look at who their supporters were.


So why is cultural progressivism especial to the West? Well, the West has one thing that sets it apart from – and has made it more prosperous than – the rest of the world: White people.

Whites, as the rightful owners of Western nations (and of higher average IQ than most other demographics), are the primary target of racial replacement. Our traditions of private property and class cooperation, as well as the high living standards provided by Capitalism (which has long eliminated the “class struggle” of Marx’s time and provided the common man with more comfort than any other model at any point in history) has made us considerably tougher to subjugate than other civilizations, which can be simply invaded or have their regimes toppled.

Being a harder race to undermine, the System has simply paved the way to our total submission with social dysgenics, through the active repression of our societies’ most productive members (White men) and systemic abetting of the most deplorable. This is the process we have come to define as Bioleninism. In short, third-world shitholes were not exposed to cultural liberalism because it simply isn’t necessary.

Note: This, of course, doesn’t mean cultural liberalism hasn’t spread to other areas of the world overtime, but that’s more of a natural byproduct of globalism as a whole rather than weaponized degeneracy.

Those unable or unwilling to characterize our struggle as the result of a deliberate effort to unify the globe under a single power structure, choosing instead to focus on lesser issues such as the state of Israel – thus seeking the support of the aforementioned anti-Zionist (but also anti-White) regimes – are at best distractions, at worst active threats to our cause, and must not be trusted or even tolerated.

The first step of survival is properly identifying threats.


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